Unlucky! Am I?

Recently, this question Has been crossing through my mind over and over again. And so I guess I have been wanting to write this one for some time now. Ever since i somehow leapfrogged the Joint entrance examination( J.E.E.) and got into this so termed ‘Dream institution’, I have been labelled with this “Lucky” tag way too often.

Well to remind everyone there is a little twist in the Luck if you ask me. first of all. I’m a low seven pointer there, which means that I am an average student. So what is there to Be lucky?and then people remind me of the fact that I also belong to the swim team of I.I.T.-D. well The “TEAM” doesn’t even have a pool of its own to practice.

Well let me tell ya something what I Have always felt about myself.

I Consider Those Parents To be Unlucky, to whom  kids like me are born. Kids who just cannot stop finding reasons to curse themselves & their lives.Kids who are never satisfying & who at times forget the sacrifices of their parents.

Unlucky are those  true friends who have such friends. False, never abiding, pseudo staunch, Selfish and unreliable.

So, probably I am Not that unlucky, or probably I am Lucky.

Because of what I have made out of us Humans, Somebody’s Bad Luck is unfortunately somebody’s Good!



3 thoughts on “Unlucky! Am I?

  1. first of al i completely agree wid srishti n gaurav.. bt 2 tel u guys, ‘kutte ki dum kabhi seedhi nai hoti’….

    n mr. mojo, its wasnt ur luck wich got u 2 ur dream place, it was ur dedication.. Im ur witness man. no other bt i’ve seen u work hard. k so, u noe..

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