Wish I could be seventeen again!

Well , if your going through this, I just want to say that life is sweet as well as bitter. Probably you might also have gone through this phase , wanting to relive some moments , moments when you had true friends, when everything people termed tough seemed nothing but a piece of cake, when the burden of studies was another reason for the smiles.. aww, everything about those days , the Highs & the Lows, the Friends & the foes, everything was all so good. and those are the moments that make feel like wanting to Relive my seventeenth year once again.

Wanting to relive those days so as to see myself laugh, to see myself jump around with all the enthusiasm, to see the people  whom I easily used to confide in, to work through the nights and through the days, to keep in touch with my soul even on the busiest of days, to seek the Divine blessings on every Wednesday, To dance again in the desert rain, to wear a smile, even when in Pain!

To Share the, bench with those idiots, to enjoy every class in their presence, to make the most of every moment, to make the alternate payments for the juices, to talk while riding on the Highway, to dine with them, to think of the questions, and their answers,those night-outs before the exams. To Laugh at the mistakes, to “learn” from them. To share my soul with them, To be Upbeat, to beat the Desert heat.

There’s so much I wish to relive, so many things, which to those days & the people who made them ,I want to Give.

So even when I’m scribbling through this childish sounding post, somewhere “Deep Inside” my heart is singing….”Those were the best days of my life…”

This one to all the people I met during my 17th year of life, who gave me so many memories, memories that make me numb, & memories that me smile


5 thoughts on “Wish I could be seventeen again!

  1. Omg ! I have seriously no words, all i have to say is, this is one of your best posts till date !
    Look at the way you express, and as always the thing which i like the most abt ur writing- the sound. It sounds like a

    jingle wen i recite those lines …

    Everyone misses school days, they are prolly the best days anyone can have .. It feels as if we were a completely different

    individual in those teen years. We had exams but it was more of a yearly routine than a pain which we feel now. We had

    fights wth frenz but they were over the last bits of those parathas during recess, on the contrary now fights become a

    question of ego, of holding grudges against each other, of superiority complex, of competition of winning the rat race ..

    We did use to compete before, a competition of counting numbers in one breath, competition for throwing the pebble into the

    pond as far as you can .. and we ran in races too, race to run the entire corridor before teacher catches, race of paper

    boats in rain water, race of our bicycles till we reach home …

    Well everythng has a reason, and when we grow up, become mature n understanding, we tend to realize the real scenario. We

    realize that life is not a bed of roses, its a struggle, and everyone has his share of suffering and apprehension which are

    nothing but a process of learning, a process of becoming a better person …

    Lastly, one lil suggestion for you, use a Word application and get the spelling flaws corrected, there are few but they did

    not a bit affect the overall experience of going through the matter and hence taking us back down the memory lane …

    Keep writing and keep rocking !!!

    Good luck !!! 🙂

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