Autumn , Life & IIT!

Well, the winter  Passed away and the  T’s & shorts once again returned to the campus, bringing with the The Birds  & Early Sun rise & Longer Days..

& It Brought with it Autumn…with whom we could easily relate our lives !

You may ask why…

answer is simple…

When we came here, fresh from our triumphs over one of the most Hyped battles we had fought till Date, our Faces used to speak volumes of the confidence, of the burning desires, of doing or achieving some task that will one Day really make a difference in this world, of the Faith we had in our abilities & so much more.

And at the same time the Trees here, uses To Sway In the evening Breeze ( Just the way the Young lads used to do.)…

Well Days Passed, Weeks converted to months , Winter Came & the Semester ended.

The Breeze Stopped Blowing, The Trees stopped swaying.

The subtleness, the Ingenuity  & the Innocence got washed away.

The Faces were no longer of those who wanted to change the world , but of those who Just somehow wanted to taste the fruit of Hard Work without even moving a Muscle( at times).

& with it came times of frustrations, anxieties & stuff.

& so today we have become skinny( i surely have!), lost faith in ourselves & our abilities( & guess even i lead the charge here as well) & hence today stand still, Thinking of what could have been( had we had not triumphed).

& we stand still, in this Autumn , our faith ,our subtleness,our qualities stripped from our Bodies, Just Like Trees, who stand still, In This Autumn, standing naked, with leaves stripped from their Bodies!

& We Just Stand -“Silently, Lifelessly, Still”.


5 thoughts on “Autumn , Life & IIT!

  1. 10/10 for this but i feel that of course we have lost some of our creativity n “enthu” but certainly we can revive ourselves ,as you say it “The warrior shall rise again”….:).Well as far as you are concerned this was more of an exaggeration after writing such a masterpiece which generations to come will praise.

  2. Very well depicted .. Especially the metaphorical use of trees stripped off from their leaves ..
    I find it very ironical though when you say you have lost confidence .. yes humans do have a tendency to stay within their

    comfort shell and it annoys him when he has to face a change in his surroundings, his routine, the people around .. for

    once he might even feel like quitting .. but then thats no way out .. In fact if you look at the brighter side you should

    be affirming yourselves for belonging to a place, a million others can only dream of .. your position should be your source

    of motivation .. well, it’s easier said than done but people have done it .. and when someone can do it, why not you ! Right ? 🙂

    Keep rocking .. 🙂

    Shall be looking forward to your next post ! Good Luck !

  3. Things go wrong sometimes. But it is then a time to stop and ponder about a little- what difference at all does it all make. Just put off the burden off your fragile shoulders rest for a while and just start all again. Let everything end up into a mess. But then again a new day comes the sun again brings new hopes in its sunshine and there are always ways out to just start off from the very basics again and again try to build up the things.The life after all has not ended. One more chance and who knows the door might give way to you by itself, to quote “without even moving a Muscle.” Go man, just go go and go again

  4. holy cows! such imagination! the pic below hit bulls eye! word to word it fits so precisely.i wud b writin some stuff soon,as soon as i see the spring tym in yur blog..lookin forward to it.:)

  5. hmmmmm….engrossing!!!
    i agree partially wid the fact that the zeal n gusto dies after some tym….as more n more tym u spend in the rigid system….but u noe wat? it mostly depend on oneself…to make changes …to accept changes …to bring changes by accepting some!!! 🙂
    nice piece!!!

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