No Longer The best One!

Days a Many,
Have Gone.
I’m still standing there ,
But you have moved on!.
And all this while,
Deep Inside,
Many Battles,
I’ve Both Lost & Won,
The defeats haven’t hurt that much,
as Much as the fact That
I’m No Longer your best One!.
And it ain’t Bad,
but it ain’t Good as well,
The inner feeling,
causing a silent pain,
with which I’m Kneeling!.
And now where am I To find The Joy,
the joy of being Your Best ,
because with all said and done ,
the fact remains
that I’m no Longer the ”One”!
Though an adjective
was never Β a Big Deal,
what always mattered
was the “feel” !
So I guess Time
did compensate For My Absence
& drove away
The True Essence!
Though i will always remain Glad,
that for no matter how Long,
I was your Best( If ever I was!!)
and also glad that
there was Β still One,
far better than Me
& far better than the rest!
& probably Time
will Heal This wound of Mine,
the wound that Left me Stun,
cause I’ll always be your Good friend,
No Longer The Best One!
To the one of whom I was once “The” Best friend!


15 thoughts on “No Longer The best One!

  1. didnt knoe u were such a gud writer dude..!! well ek cheej sahi boli..aaj ke selfish world me frenz tend 2 forget u too soon..!! for one time u used 2 be their best frenz…n its hard 2 guess wat u did dat dey forget actually hurtz bt wen d one doesnt caresa shit bot u…d feeling of hurt changes into feeling of regret..!! πŸ˜‰

  2. lyf is so confusing bro…!! jisko tu apne sabse jyada close manta hai dey hurt u d most… dont know why dont knoe how…u start feeling bad bot urself..
    aur jab unka jawab aata hai ki dey r ignoring us just 2 sustain d relationship it really pricks in d heart..!! dey hav unlimited time 2 tok 2 d world bt for u dey dont hav a second cuz for dem u r just d one person dey believe wnt ever leave dem….
    is dat really wrong 2 break such a senseless belief?? wen u giv sum1 sumthng u expext sum returns..!! bt lyf i nt like dat yar..
    u can wait for dem bt dey cant….
    and its d time wen dey start abusing ur feelings u decide 2 hit ultimately d case is dat u cant hurt dem
    y is lyf so mysterious yarr..!!:(

  3. may be dey dnt value u..may be u r just anoder person for dem…!! we need 2 move on…bt kya kare…our steps becum so heavier we cant ven walk..!! pata hai wen u need sum1 close u hav no one 2 who can listen 2 u…no one 2 understand u!! wen u cry dere is no one 2 console u no one 2 give u dat belief dat ya u can stand up again n reach ur destiny…!! ur heart aches wid d pain of loneliness….n wut u can do is just…think n think n think..!! 😦

    1. are yaar tu nahin samaja..kissi ne kuch nahin kaha isliye likhi hai Kyunki…my absence has taken me away frm the ppl yaar…& now they are missing others the way I used to miss dem a year back….so koi fight thodi na hai yaar…I’m nt poerfect & surely nt the best..there are better ppl arnd…chill man…! πŸ™‚

  4. awww! so true bro! I have learnt that the one’s who doesn’t consider you best anymore have no right to be part of the best thing you got..lyfe! Don’t let them ruin your precious moments…

  5. yeah right….some ppl were once so close to u and nw u realise dat there is sumone who is even closer to dem than u were… chill….maybe some day u will find sumone who is closest to u and matters to u more than anyone else….:-):-):-)
    by the way….very well written…truly expressive…!!!

  6. hey kanav .. nice piece again .. your poems have this charm, they sound perfect on recitation .. i wonder if u had taken

    any syllable classes for poetry .. if you go thru Shakespearean proses which m sure everyone has, you ll see every sentence

    of his poems have the same syllable sound .. it’s really nice if it comes to you naturally and is the sign of a budding

    poet πŸ™‚
    About the feel, it really touched me, the feeling of seeing someone go away from you who was once everything for you and

    pr’olly will always be, is very painful. But theres always a reason behind everything u know .. God has his mysterious ways of getting things done .. I am sure he has a lot in reserve for you .. so be the happy-go-lucky handsome hunk you ve always been πŸ™‚

    Way to go …

    God bless ! πŸ™‚

  7. @ Shriti: aww…. so sweet of You… its like.. I feel like Someday I’ll surely post your comments In a Post( everyone of them)…!..
    Take care
    God bless ya!

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