The Abysmal void!

moving along it was,
monotonic,predictable,boring yet steady,
till you entered the scene,
not so innocent, yet one who made everything seem so serene!

Sharing myself with you,used to wash away the pain
and every time I used to feel like a five-year old,
dancing in the rain!
But ever since your gone,
there is this night,
I am awake ,
waiting for the dawn!

Because of you,
those feelings,
I forgot how to hide,
and your absence ,
has left an Abysmal void!!

Now I walk those paths alone,
the ones I always dreamt of walking with you
and In those photos I see you smiling,
yet not telling me what to do!

And so my eyes become wet,
as i remember those moments at times when i dine,
the distances I regret,
and so do that fact that your never became mine!

And ever since your gone,
I miss being by your side,
as I Lay alone in the Lawn,
in this night,
waiting for the dawn!

And I have missed you,
ever since your gone,
because your absence has been impossible to avoid,
and it has left in My life,
this Abysmal Void!!
…To The one who knew me better than others!


10 thoughts on “The Abysmal void!

  1. TOO good buddy..
    bring up the good’ll happen again n d void as u know it..will be filled..

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