“You won’t be Forgotten at All”

My phone rings & I hear that song,
& so without seeing the name I know that it’s you!! ❤

Another miss call to which I couldn’t get back,
another lost moment which further raised the doubt,
every single time this happens, I know that u wonder,
“What’s wrong with my buddy, why isn’t he responding at all ? “

But hey baby,
don’t let your faith in me fall,
we might be distances apart &
I may not be able to get to your call,
but you haven’t been forgotten at all.

And even if that happens at times, I know that it’s not your fault,
your accusations of me having forgotten you don’t hurt me at all,
because I know,
what’s in my mind,
& what’s in my heart,
& I know that what made you go so far.

And hey sweaty
please don’t let your faith in me fall,
cause some unanswered calls,
won’t tell you the real story,
& I may not always show, but one things is for sure,


For someone, whose calls I’ve missed a Lot!!




6 thoughts on ““You won’t be Forgotten at All”

  1. hmmmmm….. u came out with d flood of emotions just in a single day…!!!!!!
    really nice poems……clearly depicting ur thoughts n feelings for relations…..

    undoubtedly gr8 wrk!!!!

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