That beating piece of Flesh!

Life ,as I knew, used to seem Beautiful to me
I used to Go To My Classes regularly,
I used to Enjoy My own Company,
Till The Time U walked In !!
I guess I Dropped my mind in the trash Bin,
No Longer was my own company a Blessing,
Those Moments had Me Guessing,
Maybe,I Had Seriously
Lost that Piece of Beating Flesh !!

I used to sit idle through the day,
& I used to lie awake through the night,
even then,the things where going my way,
Just because you used to make every Gloomy moment Bright,every single day !!

Now that we are no Longer together,
I do Miss the Feeling of being with each Other,
Cause that thing beat Like that for no Other,
the thought of having Parted continues to bother

They are Still Fresh,The Wounds of the time
when I parted with that piece of Beating Flesh !!

wrote This to make U know how much Your company meant to me during Those Crucial times of my life !!



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