Letting Go off You!

When Clouds Became Dark,
Numb were my eyes
But Just That you weren’t there to stand By Me
All I Know was that I always wanted “you”,
but those Tears in ma eyes kept on asking,
“do we always Get what we want?”
& To these I Stood Blank!!

So now I DECIDE to step aside,
so that Life May Move On,

so That the Essence Of the Relation Shall Sustain
so That U May get the Best Amongst Best &
Hence there is No Loss & All Gain!!


Lost in those memories I sit,all alone By myself in the Night
Deserted by even my shadow!
I remember those little things of joys ,

those things that used to make my Day
that waiting for your drive back,
those motivating Talks…
Asking each other To Give our Best ,

So as to Get through the Tough walks!!!

But Then again those Tears,

run down telling me that I’m not tough enough!
like they were Captives for years,
Reminding me of you,
reminding me of what I let Go off!!

At times ,They make Me Happy & they make Me Cry
the memories Of the Days Gone,
& in the end I guess
your first love Won.
Still I’ll Cherish every Moment I Spent With you,
cause You were the Damn Best,
Far Better than the rest!!!!

“To the one,I Let Go Off” !

Written By Me,
When I finally decided to let Go off!




6 thoughts on “Letting Go off You!

  1. this one cud b ranked 1st i guess..among all.
    u rock man.now i gav up my idea of writin any literature.:p

    keep postin!

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