Jumping Back to reality….

Following was my first real effort at writing something….

..waking up, I find myself feeling fresh, Full of positive energy being brought in by that sweet aroma which fills the space around me. I smile and I thank the Almighty for his blessings and get out of my bed and step into my living room, Seeking the blessings of my parents and getting the affections showered upon me by my partner….
…as I sit down for my breakfast, I see the morning paper laying by its side,having on its front pictures of Kids, their faces revealing the joys of Having achieved what they Truly desired!!…
…I eat those Paranthas, every Bite of which Melt my Heart away, and side by side drinking that perfect tea, neither Tepid ,nor insipid….
I get ready for my Work with a sense of a duty to be performed and happy that the almighty bestowed upon me that Job. As i reach my work place, greetings, true & Affectionate pour in from My colleagues. Together we get down to our works, and with all our devotions we do our jobs and perform our duties ever so happily & that too to the utmost!…
When the job is done we get that feeling of satisfaction for the fact of having performed our deeds and then we leave for the place we so Love ; chatting, laughing and joking with our colleagues like we do with our friends…….
On our way back, at time swe sit down and relish the gifts of the Almighty, Awestruck at the Colors of the Sky, adoring the singing of birds and enjoying the warmth of the shining star and feeling fresh…due to the chill breezes blowing across the Boulevards!!!!!!…..
….Alas!!! I jump into reality, awake from a dream ,that i know was too perfect for even a dream…I realize that The feeling of achieving the Hearts Desire has been replaced by one of Relief, i realize that Rivals can’t be Friends and that in this world I probably won’t have the time to sit down and observe the Glories of Nature because in this world only fantasies can be this much beautiful and Hence dreaming of something tha” Ideal” is just another ” Fantasy”


5 thoughts on “Jumping Back to reality….

  1. you seem to be a dreamer .. i am a firm believer in dreams too …
    sadly enuff i agree dreams have become fantasies .. theres hardly any time for anyone to think of thm in this materialistic world .. everybody is running in the rat’s race !
    But, here what I believe is .. we always have two voices within us .. one which tells us what we should do .. the other tells us what we want to .. so eventually it’s our call which voice do we listen to .. when you start listening to one, the other voice ceases …

    I know it’s easier said than done. But nothing comes easy, isnt it ?

    About the article, I loved the way it’s described .. especially the “parathas” part ! 🙂

    You’re doing a gr8 job ! Keep it up !

    Best Wishes !!!

  2. well yarr ke batau..wen u dream bot sumthing big people start telling u u r living in a fantasy world…dey r mistaken bot ur potential though…n wen u hit back their faces r to be seen..!!
    so dont ever stop dreaming…!!
    n dude ur works r really rocking be..!!

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