Aroma of Ma’s presence

“Hey, what do you want to have for breakfast?”, inquired my overly joyed mother. Mothers, incredible folks they are. They have little reasons for their greater joys. What was my lady’s reason? Her elder son was physically present in her vicinity after months. And even though she wasn’t clearly showing this on her face, her […]

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A stitch at a time..

Circa May, 2012 “Yaar, there is this new movie, let’s go and watch it before you leave“, I said, eating away the last of my subway. “Kaunsi?”, she asked, in the usual manner, with her brain clearly lost somewhere else. This was her usual demeanor when she would be occupied with things that were important. […]

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Reality bites

Reality bites “Uber will cost you between 84-90 INR”, I told the German couple while we discussed how to help them reach their hostel. They had two very little kids, dangling from their cases (I don’t know what those fancy things to hold kids are called and since I don’t plan on having kids anytime […]

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If I am being honest

It is 5 a.m. and I am on the radio.   The first line of the song has a beautiful vibe to it, like it tells me that Mahajan, you are going to be hooked, so might as well fasten your seat-belt, lay back and enjoy the ride it is going to take you on.

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Let’s cut to the chase

Let us cut to the chase, shall we? At 06:50 a.m. on a lovely morning, having just shuffled between Hyderabad and Mumbai, while still sitting in the waiting lounge, this is the last thing I had on my mind. And while I wait for my host to text me his address, I had ample time […]

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